Environmental Policy Statement

We are striving to fully meet the principle of environmental awareness:

  • As a result of the effective operation of the Environmental Management System (Hungarian abbreviation KIR), pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14001, we are striving decrease the use of natural resources, prevent pollution and reduce potential environmental exposure to minimum.
  • Our responsibility is to apply and support those legal and environmental protection processes related to our trading and other activities.
  • In the course of our production activities, we have determined feasible plans aimed to prevent environmental pollution, achieve the lowest level of environmental impact and eliminate environmental damage.
  • By observing the applicable law and regulations, we intend to make our activities comply with principal social and environmental requirements.
  • During our activities we shall meet the various legal and official regulations.
  • As part of commercial procedures, we take into consideration environmental awareness of our suppliers and subcontractors and encourage their environmental consciousness.
  • In order to minimize environmental impact, we are striving to maximize applications for using metallurgical by-products.
  • We pay utmost attention to recycling and utilization of secondary raw materials.
  • We are focusing on the utilization of secondary raw materials such as industrial by-products. The industrial by-products generated in large amounts are perfectly suitable as substitute for valuable materials. This is the process that brings double benefits: it saves the environment and causes less landscape disturbing activities required for mining.
  • Slag as a by-product is generated in large quantities in the course of iron- and steel-making technologies. The slag utilization causes no harmful effects on the environment.
  • Judged by its properties, metallurgical slag is not a hazardous material; in addition, it has such features that makes it suitable for numerous applications.
  • The use of slag products for road construction is an environmentally friendly process, since it substitutes natural rock. For example, they can be used instead of andesite and basalt, so no natural rocks need to be mined, saving landscape and protecting environment.
  • Our company’s management aims at contributing to the sustainable development of our environment. In order to ensure economic growth and the balance of our natural environment, the concept of sustainable development plays a significant role in our company’s policy. “We meet our present needs now so that not to deprive future generations of sources to meet their needs when their time comes”.
  • In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the environmental protection, we aspire to gradually improve our environmental activities.
  • Our environmental policy is available to the public, members of the management team and employees.

The Management of Ferromark-Trading Ltd. is committed to achieving the objectives defined in its environmental policy, objectives and programs, and expects the same from every employee.

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