Ground blast furnace slag

  • the liquid slag is slowly cooled in the open air
  • the formed slag has a crystalline structure
  • also known as blast furnace slag in pieces
  • very compact, with high-strength
  • withstands heavy mechanical tension
  • dampens mechanical vibrations
  • not hazardous
  • no harmful effects on the environment
  • bulk density: 1.3 t/m3
  • Perfectly available for road construction as additive fraction:
    at forming filling material, base coat, tie coat and wearing layers
  • It contains components similar to natural rocks and minerals, therefore, it can get into inorganic structural components of soil, and in contact with water, air, other soil components and the biological system can incorporate into oxides, hydroxides, and clay minerals.
  • The pile of stone/slag does not include hazardous substances as per intended use of the final product.
  • The slag product meets the requirements under the REACH directive (1907/2006/EC).
  • Slag is not considered a hazardous material.


  1. grinding
  2. screening

Fraction sizes after screening:
(Homogeneous: Ø 0-300 mm)

Ø : 0-5 mm
Ø : 0-56 mm*
Ø : 5-12 mm
Ø : 12-55 mm
Ø : 20-80 mm*
Ø : 60- 120 mm

Relevant standards:

road construction (base layers) MSZ EN 13242:2002+A1:2008
road construction (concrete cover) MSZ EN 12620:2002+A1:2008
road construction (asphalt) MSZ EN 13043:2003
manufacturing of construction products MSZ EN 12620:2002+A1:2008
cement manufacturing MSZ EN 197-1

0-5 mm

0-5 mm GA85 (0/8)

0-56 mm

0-56 mm GA80 (0/63)

5-12 mm

5-12 mm GC85-15 (4/16)

12-55 mm

12-55 mm GC80-20 (11,2/45)

20-80 mm

20-80 mm GC85-15 (22,4/90)

60-120 mm

60-120 mm GC80-20 (56/90)
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