Aged ground converter slag

  • converter slag is a major by-product of LD (BOF) steelmaking technology
  • cooled naturally in open air
  • after grinding and screening stored/rested additionally six months on slag dump
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • considered as a base material of choice
  • high abrasion resistance
  • bulk density: 1.8 t/m3
  • Converter slag can be applied for road construction and civil engineering only if its swelling ability is eliminated. The resting time begins after completion of grinding and screening, it can take approximately 6 months and does not depend on time spent in temporary storage before being processed. During the resting time, the volume changing and swelling tendency of the slag is lost, the resulting material is called rested or aged converter slag.
  • The pile of stone/slag does not include hazardous substances as per intended use of the final product.
  • The slag product meets the requirements under the REACH directive (1907/2006 / EC).
  • Slag is not considered a hazardous material.


  1. grinding
  2. screening

Fraction sizes after screening:atmero

Ø : 0-5 mm
Ø : 0-20 mm*
Ø : 0-56 mm
Ø : 5-12 mm
Ø : 12-20 mm
Ø : 20-80 mm*

Relevant standards:

railroad ballast MSZ EN 13450:2003
road construction (base layers) MSZ EN 13242:2002+A1:2008
road construction (concrete cover) MSZ EN 12620:2002+A1:2008
road construction (asphalt) MSZ EN 13043:2003
manufacturing of construction products MSZ EN 12620:2002+A1:2008
cement manufacturing MSZ EN 197-1

0-5 mm

0-5 mm GA75 (0/8)

0-56 mm

0-56 mm GA80 (0/63)

5-12 mm

5-12 mm GA85 (0/16)

12-20 mm

12-20 mm GC85-15 (4/22,4)

20-80 mm

20-80 mm GC85-15 (22,4/90)
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