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Ferromark-Kereskedelmi Ltd.

Metallurgical slags have long been utilized as secondary raw materials worldwide. Increasing share of slag generated by iron and steel plants is processed and supplied to a variety of applications. Physical properties of slag make them suitable for road construction.

Slag processing technology is determined by specific application and market requirements. As more and more applications open up for slag, we expand the number of slag fractions in order to meet ever increasing customer slate. We aspire to apply innovative and efficient solutions.

Slag is generated in the iron and steel technology as a major by-product, which cannot be avoided due to nature of the process. Slag becomes a valuable product only after processing.

By grinding and screening of slag, Ferromark-Halna Kft. converts it into a stream of high quality products. Slag with certificates of conformity can be used as raw material for the production of construction materials and for road construction. The product classification is pursuant to the national and international requirements.

The metallurgical slag products with CE-mark are produced in accordance with mandatory requirements  and comply with production standards.

The quality of slag products is homogeneous, with physical properties identical to crushed stone, or in some cases even stronger and more robust, yet presenting affordable and cost-effective solution.

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